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Actant Technology Combining physical and digital world into an Augmented Reality

Global Visual Positioning

Providing and supporting GVPS (Global Visual Positioning System) technology is the key area of the company. We would like to bring augmented reality into the cities and make it consistent and accessible anywhere in the world.

Solving the practical task of improving the user experience in AR, we also look to the future and realize that the highest priority in the development of the industry is the creation of regular data streams which would continuously update and refine our digital copy of the physical reality.

Global visual positioning

AR in Cloud

The capabilities of current AR technologies are limited by the resources of client devices - smartphones or glasses. These resources are not enough to create a smooth immersion of the user in AR on the scale of streets, neighborhoods and cities.

Solving this problem, we developed a system for interacting with the cloud, in which the user's experience will not depend on the computing resources of their device.

Our servers, which have detailed 3D feature maps, are ready to take on the solution of all the necessary tasks of computer vision instead of the user's phone or glasses. The client device is busy solving only those tasks that are within its power - all the necessary data is transferred to the cloud, where the most complex calculations take place.

3D Reconstruction

Any AR technologies rely in their work on three-dimensional maps of the surrounding space. The restoration of the geometric shape of objects is a natural stage in the operation of visual positioning algorithms. However, the use of this data is not limited only to AR technology. Moreover, high-quality image capture significantly improves the accuracy of the AR.

Thanks to our developments, we are ready to offer tools and services for digitizing any part of the space - your office, trading floor, or even a whole street.

If you ever dreamed of organizing a virtual tour, for example, in your own shopping center or want to create a stable AR navigation system to attract customers and keep them, 3D reconstruction technology can be an effective way to do it.

Global visual positioning

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